Visionship, Inc., now a Unisource Company

Visionship, Inc. (Visionship),  a Unisource Company is a  'think tank' for Mobile Supply Chain Applications.  Visionship's mission is to develop and deploy a game changing  vision of mobile supply chain applications.  All Visionship  applications are marketed as true SaaS products.  Our vision became a reality when we launched Visionpad on January 17, 2012 from Chicago, IL.  Visionpad gives users the ability to have a paper free supply chain, removing multiple cost areas from every company.

Visionpad converts client documents and forms into interactive PDF documents, fill-able on a wireless device named Visionpad (IPad). The Visionpad allows the user to complete virtual forms (including digital signatures and handwritten notes) by writing directly on the surface of the Visionpad with a soft rubber tipped stylus. Once the document is saved (locked) by the user, the form may be electronically sent to any know address.  All data created and executed on Visionpad is securely saved to our cloud database, Visionvault.   The stored data in Visionvault is accessible at any time by an authorized for access, retrieval, and distribution. Visionpad will forever change the way business is conducted throughout the world.

Visionship-Supply Chain app Think Tank

Visionship has recently completed a series of share exchange agreements to become a subsidiary of The Unisource Company (USRC).  This merger has created an abundance of excitement within Visionship and Unisource.  The parent company: Unisource's newly defined focus is to acquire mid-tier 3PL's and enable them with Visionship's leading edge Brands, Technology, and Mobile Applications.
"The merger of Visionship with Unisource will create needed distribution velocity for Visionship's game changing Brands', Technology, and Software Applications.  At Visionship we are thrilled to be a part of Unisource, and the potential economic opportunities our merger creates." - Bill Wood, CEO Visionship
Visionship is now looking to release multiple new Visionship supply chain applications in the first quarter of 2013.  Some of the planned applications include:
  • Visionvault - The elastic archive of global supply chain data
  • VisionPDF - The ability to create mobile and virtual interactive documents on the fly
  • VisionPO - a global 'Purchase Order Management' application that intuitively manages your vendors'  inbound shipments.

Meet Our Founder

Bill Wood



As founder of Visionship and visionary of Visionship's cloud supply chain applications, Bill looks to create a company environment that will cause a paradigm shift in the way manufacturers, distributors, and carriers process supply chain data.


Bill Wood, CEO and Visionary, founded Visionship, Inc. from the basement of his home in 2009. Mr. Wood gained valuable insights to supply chain weaknesses during his 16 years in sales and marketing of carrier rates on 3rd party transportation management systems (TMS). His ability to perceive inefficiencies and bottlenecks in the flow processes within the TMS industry has lead him to envision a series of cloud applications capable of rating, intuitively routing, and tracking every shipment - regardless of mode.  His ultimate mission  has always been to reduce costs and create efficiencies for clients; To accomplish his quest, he aims to create a real-time paper-free environment for every Manufacturer, Distributor, and Carrier client.

Visionship, Inc., a Unisource Company

Visionpad Savings Calculator

In an impressive demonstration of bottom line savings, access Visionpad's Savings Calculator and experience how much money your company can save each month by using Visionpad in real time. Convert your operations into a paperless environment stored on your server and/or in Visioncloud, convert fixed overhead into a variable costs, and reducing your company's operating costs. starting today!

Visionpad Is Going Viral

go paperless and let profits soar in 2012 Visionpad is generating a paridigm shift in the way business is conducted.

Few SaaS cloud applications materially change the way business operations will be conducted. Visionpad's game-changing capabilities will soon create a paridigm as every business in the world becomes PAPER FREE.  Try Visionpad Today!

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